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Applying Thermoshield

To repair the rust on the roof of our Toyota Coaster and help insulate our home on wheels, we applied Thermoshield – an Australian owned and made liquid thermal insulation product.

Their website says Thermoshield:

  • Reduces internal temperatures by up to 45%

  • Decreases UV penetration by up to 96%, keeping the roof surface cooler

  • Can prevent rust, condensation and mould

  • Helps to soundproof your motorhome.

Thermoshield can colour match to almost any colour, so you can match whatever colour your bus or motorhome might be.

You can have Thermoshield professionally applied or if you’re DIYers like we are, you can follow their DIY application guidelines and watch our step by step YouTube video here:

We conducted a little experiment to understand how much weight we’d added to our roof after applying Thermoshield. After applying ~50g of Thermoshield to a piece of cardboard, the total weight was 467g. Once the Thermoshield had completely dried, the total weight decreased to 442g. The Thermoshield lost about 50% of its weight during the drying process. If we applied ~12L (12kg) of Thermoshield, we added ~6kg of weight to our roof.

We’ve also created a list of everything we used to apply Thermoshield, to help you get started:

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